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About Us


Dear Colleagues

We are an organization formed by the customer care personals who are working in the tourism industry of Uzbekistan for many years.

Pilgrim Travel is a fully licensed travel agency which has a wide range of options regarding accommodation, transportation and visa arrangements in all corners of Central Asia, a cradle of ancient civilization and the crossroad of the Silk Road.

We want to offer you the new tourist destination – Uzbekistan. A country of great history that attracts visitors from around the world.

Pilgrim Travel provides a full range of high-quality travel services in order to make your trip absolutely fantastic and give you unforgettable memories of Central Asia. Our primary focus is the organization of trips over Central Asia.

Our carefully planned tours will take you to the Majestic Khiva, with its beautiful majolica facing, «the most homogenous collection of architecture in the Islamic world”, the Great Samarkand, a name resonant with the glory of Tamerlane’s empire, hosting “the most gracious public square in the world”, the Divine Bukhara, the city of thousand domes, rich with colorful markets and guttering modern buildings, the Blessed Shakhrisabz, a wonderful town of brides with its unique architecture. You will definitely admire breathtaking scenery of ochre dunes of the Kyzyl Kum desert outlined against the azure sky covered with bright oriental stars!

Our highly professional staff will not merely do their job but also will offer you all the help in the organization of your holidays, individual or group voyages, independent strolls over the cities, hotel reservation, choice of meals, restaurants and bars.

Our experienced guides will take you back to the days of Marco Polo, you will enjoy the patriarchal customs of Uzbek hospitable families and tread the paths of famous travelers and conquerors.

We want you to experience the authentic life of a multinational Central Asian community as it is, with its diversity and unique character.

Our company offers a great choice of tours to satisfy the interests and demands of our clients. All the itineraries are available upon request.

We are opened for mutually advantageous cooperation and collaboration.

For any additional information Please contact us at info@pilgrimtravel.uz.

Traveling with us means to see your dreams come true and enjoy the expansion of your knowledge through understanding, delight  and enjoyment.

Kind regards,

Umida Mamasheva