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Uzbekistan in 14 days

Uzbekistan in 14 days

Tashkent – Samarkand – Shakhrissabz – Samarkand – Nurata – camping – Aidarkul – Bukhara – Urgench – Khiva – Ayaz Kala site– Toprak Kala site – Tashkent.

Day 1  Europe / Tashkent.
Day 2 Tashkent.
Arrival in Tashkent.
Transfer and accommodation at the hotel.
Lunch at the local restaurant “Nevskaya”.
City-tour of Tashkent: square of Independence, National Theatre of opera
and ballet square.
Visiting the old city:  Hazret Imam ensemble including Barak-Khan madrassa (XVIth c.), acting Djami mosque (Friday mosque) and Kaffal-al-Shashi mausoleum (XVIth c.); Kukeldash madrassa (XVIIIth c.); bazar.
Dinner at the local restaurant “Djumandji”.
Overnight at the hotel.
Day 3 Tashkent – Samarkand.
Drive to Samarkand (280 km).
En route halt at the gorge “The gates of Tamerlane” (The Iron gates).
Visit to honey bazar.
Arrival and accommodation at the hotel.
Lunch at the restaurant of the hotel.
Visiting sights: Reghistan square, the heart of Samarkand with its madrassas of Ulugbek (XVth c), Sher-Dor ( madrasah with lions) (XVIIth c) and  Tillya-Kari (decorated with gold) (XVIIth c);  Ulugbek Observatory (XVth c)
Diner at the national guest house (tadjik cuisine).
Overnight at the hotel.
Day 4 Samarkand.
Full day city-tour: Bibi-Khanim mosque (XIth c – beginning of the  XVth c), the biggest one in Central Asia, constructed by the order of Tamerlane after his victorious campaign to India; bazaar; Shakhi-Zinda necropole (the living king), the pearl of Samarkand, ensemble of  mausoleums dated  from the XIth- XVth centuries, the authentic museum of the medieval architecture.
Lunch at the hotel restaurant.
Afternoon sightseeing:  Gur-Emir mausoleum (XVth c), where the tombs of Tamerlane and his descendants are located.
Independent strolls around the city
Dinner at the local restaurant “Standart” (cuisine armenienne).
Overnight at the hotel.
Day 5 Samarkand – Shakhrissabz – Samarkand. 
Drive to Shakhrizabs by steppe route (150 km)
City tour around Shakhrissabz, birthplace of Tamerlane:  Ak-Sarai palace (XIVth c), m Kok-Gumbaz mosque (XVth c), Gumbazi-Seydan ensemble (XIVth – XVth cc), Djakhangir mausoleum (XIVth c); bazar.
Lunch at the national guest house.
Return to Samarkand.
Accommodation at the hotel.
Dinner and overnight at the hotel.
Day 6 Samarkand – Nurata.
Drive to Nurata, where camel farms are located (220 km).
Halt in the Sarmysh gorge for watching petroglyphs dated 4500-4000 BC (2-2,5 hours).
Arrival in Nurata, lodging at the national guest house.
Lunch at the national guest house.
Visiting sights: mosque and pool with sacred fishes; remains of the citadel and the ancient karyz wells, a system of irrigation from Alexander the Great’s time.
Drive to the camping (75 km).
Arrival and camping in Kazakh yurts (round felt tents set on a wooden framework).
Dinner and overnight under Kazakh yurts.
Day 7 Nurata – Camping.
Camel trekking (2,5-3 hours) (March to May  and September to October are best for trekking)
Lunch and siesta (depends on climate conditions) under yurt.
Camel trekking (2,5-3 hours).
Return to camping: dinner, camping fire (burning saxaul bushes are used for fuel), performance of Akyn (troubadour Kazakh).
Overnight under Kazakh yurts.
Day 8 Camping  – Aidarkul  lake-Bukhara
Swimming in Aidarcul lake: it is the favorite destination for camel trekkers to swim off the dust of the saddle and fish. For over 200 kilometers (125 miles) the lake stretches through the desert within sight of the Nuratin mountains.
Pique-nique on the lakeside.
Drive to Bukhara (240 km)
En route halt for visiting Rabat-i-Malik caravane-serai dated from XIth c.
Arrival and accommodation at the hotel.
First discovery of Bukhara.
Dinner and overnight at the hotel.
Day 9 Bukhara.
Full day sightseeing tour: Lyabi-Khauz ensemble, one of the most famous places of
Bukhara including Nadir-Divan-Beghi madrassah (1622), Kukeldash madrassah
and Nadir-Divan-Beghi khanaka (1620); Magok-Attor mosque (XIIth – XVIth cc);
the Trade Dome Center of the  XVIth  century Toki-Sarafon (dome of merchants)
and Toki-Tilpak Furushon (dome of hatters); Chor Minor ensemble with four minarets.
Lunch at the hotel restaurant.
Visiting sights:  Poi-Kalyan ensemble including  Kalyan minaret (1127),
Kalyan mosque (XVIth c) and  Miri-Arab madrassa (XVIth c);  Trade Dome
Toki-Zargaron ( pavilion of bijouterie) (XVI  c);  Ulugbek madrassa (1417)
and  Abdulaziz Khan madrassa (1652);  tim of Abdulla Khan (XVI  c);
Dinner and Concert of folk music   at the courtyard of   Nadir Divan Beghi madrassa.
Overnight at the hotel.
Day 10 Bukhara 
Visiting sights: Ark – ancient fortress (VIth-VIIthcc.), Bolo Khauz mosque (1712), Samanid’s Mausoleum (IXth-Xth cc.), Chashma Ayub Mazar (graveyard)
(XIVth-XIXth cc.), bazar.
Lunch at the local restaurant “Karavan”.
Dinner at the restaurant “Lyabi Khauz”
Overnight at the hotel.
Day 11 Bukhara – Khiva.
Lunch at the hotel restaurant.
Drive to Khiva (480 km): long distance driving (7-8 hours) across the Kyzyl Kum (Red Sand) desert.
Arrival and accommodation at the hotel.
Dinner and overnight at the hotel.
Day 12 Khiva.
Sightseeing in Khiva. Visiting of Ichan-Kala – inner city of ancient settlement; Mohammed-Amin Khan madrassa and Kalta Minor minaret (XVIIIth c.); Kunya Ark
-Old fortress (XVIIth-XIXth cc.);  Djami mosque with 212 wooden carved columns
(XVIIIth c); Tash Hauli Allakuli-Khan Palace (XVIIIth-XIXth cc.); Pakhlavan Mahmud complex (XIVth-XXth cc.), Islam Khodja encemble (beg. XXth c); harem; workshop of wood carvers; bazar.
Lunch during the sightseeing at the hotel restaurant.
Dinner and overnight at the hotel.
Day 13 Khiva –sites – Urgench / Tashkent.
Departure for the sites Toprak Kala (110 km), ruined fortress dated Ist century BC
and   Ayaz Kala (40 km), fortress dated  IIId century.
Return to Urgench.
Lunch at the hotel restaurant.
Independent strolls around the city.
Transfer to airport for the flight Urgench/Tashkent by HY.
Arrival and accommodation at the hotel.
Farewell dinner at the hotel restaurant.
Overnight at the hotel.
Day 14 Tashkent /Europe.
Free time.
Lunch at the local restaurant “Al-Aziz”.
Transfer to airport for the flight Tashkent/Europe.


In Tashkent – “Asia Tashkent****”; “Tashkent Palace****”; “Markaziy****”.
In Khiva – “Asia Khiva****”;  “Malika Khiva”.
In Bukhara – “Asia Bukhara****”; “Malika Bukhara”; “Omar Khayam”.
In Samarkand –  “Asia Samarkand”; “President****”; “Malika Prime”, “City”, “Grand Samarkand”.
In Nurata – under the yurts.
Full board; half board; ABF.
Domestic flights: Uzbekistan Airways.
Transport with air-conditioning.
English speaking tour-escort.
Local guides.
Concert of folk music in the courtyard of the Nadir Divan Beghi madrassah.
Outside meal: at the national private house; at the local restaurants; in the Nadir Divan Beghi madrassah;


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